School Profile

  • Grades Pre-K – 5

    Traditional 10 – Month Calendar


    Phone: 910-864-4843
    Fax: 910-867-3777

    Benjamin J. Martin Elementary School serves approximately 610 students ranging from grades Pre-K through grade 5. We are fortunate to have a diverse student population from all over the world. Our school is located in an urban area approximately 1/2 mile from Ft. Bragg. Meeting the needs of today’s students is a challenge we accept enthusiastically as we continue to compete locally and nationally in providing the best education possible.

    We welcome you to our school and invite you to visit our beautiful campus and superb teaching staff where we are ALL IN!

    Our vision at Ben Martin is to educate every student to be productive, lifelong learners.
    Our mission is to provide a positive learning environment in which all students develop the skills to succeed.