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  • Grades K-1

    Traditional 10-Month Calendar


    Phone: 910-484-0194
    Fax: 910-484-4486

    A Core Knowledge School – In 1997, Alma O. Easom began integrating the Core Knowledge curriculum with academic practices.  In the years since we have continued Core Knowledge to provide challenging academic experiences by developing skills using meaningful and exciting content. Teachers incorporate Core Knowledge into lessons involving Social Studies, Science, Art, and Music.  Core Knowledge enhances the primary grades curriculum by introducing students to various continents, U.S. symbols, proverbs and sayings, ancient civilizations, and historical heroes.  A highlight of the kindergarten year is the annual “Running of the Bulls.”Students dress up as the bulls and chase the matador in the main hall. A main highlight of the first-grade year is an on-site field trip by Camp Flintlock that targets life in colonial times.