Student Support Services

Student Support Services Department

Department Overview

  • The Department of Student Support Services takes the lead in spearheading prevention and intervention programs to support schools, students, and parents. We are dedicated to addressing a comprehensive range of needs, including cognitive, social, emotional, behavioral, health, safety, and alternative education, with the ultimate goal of maximizing student achievement. Our foremost commitment is to dismantle barriers to learning, fostering an environment that not only ensures safety but also nurtures exceptional academic success.

Student Support Services Includes:

  • Exceptional Children Services

  • Federal Programs

  • Prime Time

  • Student Assignment

  • Student Services

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    Student Support Services
    2465 Gillespie Street
    Fayetteville, N.C. 28348
    Phone: 910-678-2423
    Fax: 910-678-2493

    Dr. Melody Chalmers McClain
    Associate Superintendent

    Samantha Sheppard
    Administrative Assistant


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