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Department Overview

  • Auxiliary Services in schools refer to the additional support and resources provided to enhance the overall educational experience and well-being of students. These services are designed to complement the core academic curriculum and address various aspects of a student's development. Here are some common examples of Auxiliary Services in schools: 

    2. Child Nutrition: School cafeterias or food programs provide students with nutritious meals and snacks during the school day. These services aim to support students' physical health and well-being.

    3. Operations: The maintenance of schools is crucial to providing a safe, functional, and conducive learning environment for students, teachers, and staff. It involves  a range of activities and efforts to keep the school infrastructure and facilities in good condition. Proper maintenance ensures that the school remains a clean, comfortable, and safe space for teaching, learning, and other educational activities 
    4. Safety and Security: Ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors is a top priority. Schools implement security measures, emergency response plans, and safety protocols to protect the school community.

    5. Transportation: In some areas, schools offer transportation services to ensure students can safely travel to and from school. This is especially important for students who live far from the school or have mobility challenges.

    The Auxiliary Services of Cumberland County Schools comprises over 2,700 employees who work behind the scenes to support 86 schools and Central Services. Their diverse roles and objectives are commonly known as the "Silent Partners" in education.

    The main branches of Auxiliary Services include Child Nutrition, Operations, Safety and security, and Transportation.

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Department FAQs

  • How do I go about renting a facility within a school building? 

    Contact the school's bookkeeper for availability and to complete a facility rental contract. For guidelines, requirements, and cost please click 'Facility Rentals' under 'Quick Links' for more information.


    How do I become a Vendor for Cumberland County Schools?  

    For more information contact Finance's Purchasing Department @ (910)678-2382.