• Dismissal from Class / Virtual or Face to Face


    The standards for behavior and classroom expectations for the virtual (online)

    classroom environment is as important as the classroom environment in a

    traditional settings. The virtual classrooms are real classrooms with real teachers,

    therefore, appropriate student behavior is an expectation aligned with our strategic.

    Plan: Priority 3, Exceptional Environment.


    The following standards and rules, although not intended to be all inclusive,

    govern these expectations and must be followed:


    1. When students are in front of the camera on their device, they must be in

    appropriate dress as outlined in School Board policy 4316 Student Dress

    Code and School Board policy 4300 Student Code of Conduct.


    2. Students may not use any communication that will degrade, disrespect, or

    that is abusive in nature, whether by signs, symbols, or gestures in the

    classroom environment. Any form of profanity/vulgarity is prohibited.


    3. Students should demonstrate respect towards all other students, faculty and

    staff members.


    4. Students are expected to log in to their student accounts and individually

    complete classroom work.


    5. Students should work remotely from home in an area free from distractions

    and where the learning of others is not disrupted by visuals in the room

    and/or others in the room who are not invited.


    6. Respect each student’s right to learn.


    7. Students should not send unsolicited e-mails to other CCS classmates. All

    forms of communication should be course-related in nature.


    8. Students should participate in online learning only in their classroom unless

    invited to another session by the teacher.


    9. Violations of these expectations will result in disciplinary action pursuant to

    this Student Code of Conduct and may result in the exclusion of the student

    from the virtual classroom environment.

    Cumberland County Schools Code of Conduct :


    Course Requirements

    • In order to pass the classroom part of this course, you must have at least a average 70. 
    • You cannot take the behind-the-wheel phase of the course unless you have passed the classroom phase.
    • Complete all the assigned course work.
    • Take and pass the Sign Test with a score of 80% or higher.
    • Take and Pass the Final Exam with a score of 80%.

    Inappropriate behavior/language, unproductive comments, off-topic responses, bullying/gossip, anything that is indicated in the “Netiquette” rules, or anything that reduces or prevents learning from occurring will result in the following discipline consequences.  


    *A teacher or administrator has the discretion to remove a student from class if the student’s behavior impacts the learning of other students in the class or is highly offensive or inappropriate.