Non-Traditional Schools

  • Non-traditional schools for behavior reassignment serve as constructive environments designed to support students in redirecting and improving their behavior. These schools adopt positive and individualized approaches to address behavioral challenges, focusing on understanding the underlying causes and providing tailored interventions.  By creating smaller class sizes, fostering strong teacher-student relationships, and implementing innovative teaching methods, these schools aim to create a supportive atmosphere conducive to behavioral change. The emphasis is on promoting a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, and social-emotional growth, offering students an opportunity to thrive academically and personally. Howard Learning Academy and Ramsey Street High School staff are trained in Restorative Practices and apply these practices for the benefit of students enrolled in these schools. Through targeted interventions, a positive learning culture, and a commitment to holistic development, our non-traditional schools for behavior reassignment aim to empower students to overcome challenges, build resilience, and succeed in their educational journeys.

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