• Must be an excellent student academically meaning A's and B's.

    • Students must NOT have a record for misbehavior or an undisciplined attitude and/or spending time in ISS. The Yearbook is far too important to have to deal with misconduct. 

    • Students must understand that academic discipline is KEY.  Meaning that students will be able to balance their school assignments, Homework, and other extra curricular activities without compromising their academic responsibilities or  the Yearbook assignments and duties.  

    • Students must maintain their A's and B's academic standing as much as possible.

    • Students and Parents will have to sign a "commitment form" which is given later after YB staff is selected. Once a definite Yearbook staff has been selected.  The commitment form states that they will do the job as a YB team.  Meaning no quitting or slacking on the job, because the creation of the Yearbook may be jeopardized. 

    • Must have two JGM teachers' statement of endorsement/recommendation of why the student would be a good candidate for Yearbook 2023-2024.

    • Students should know there will be quite a lot of "after school events" that must be journalized, and photographed by yearbook staff. According to a schedule made by YB advisor. Students will be expected to be at all events

    • Students can be (under certain situations) transferred OUT of the yearbook club for misconduct, inability or unwillingness to work as a team, and to work diligently towards the goal of creating a Yearbook. 

    • Contact: Mr Crosbie