• Within the realm of Health Services, our nursing team comprises certified nursing assistants (II), licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses dedicated to delivering specialized healthcare support to students with specific medical procedures. Their commitment to essential care enables students with chronic conditions and ongoing healthcare needs to actively participate and flourish in an educational environment. By ensuring daily monitoring and care, we enhance students' classroom engagement and reduce absenteeism.

    The Health Services nursing staff is proficient in performing specialized medical procedures, including tracheostomy care and suctioning, g-tube medication administration and feedings, clean intermittent catheterizations, intravenous medication administration, and other nursing-certified interventions. It's important to note that all these procedures and interventions are performed per the directives of the student's healthcare team.

    Below you will find the medical forms needed for special procedures:


    Physician Health Care Orders for School

    Medical Statement for Students with Unique Mealtime Needs for School Meals

    Physician's School Medication Form




    Asthma Medication Plan


    Diabetes Health Care Plan


    Shunt Action Plan


    Seizure Care Plan


    Severe Allergy Medication Form



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