Standing Tall and Soaring High: CCS Superintendent Celebrates the Remarkable Class of 2023

  • Dear Class of 2023:

    We are excited to celebrate with each of you – all 3,500 of you — as you walk across the stage and blaze a new path in pursuit of your post-secondary goals. Graduating from high school is an extraordinary accomplishment that marks a significant milestone in your life. I often refer to high school graduation as our educational Super Bowl – it is the culmination of numerous years of dedication and perseverance.

    Some of you have secured scholarships that will cover your entire post-secondary education, while others have earned certifications that will enable you to begin careers immediately, and some of you are joining the military. Regardless of your chosen path, you possess great potential, and I am eager to read about your many successes in the future.

    As you prepare to begin this new chapter in your life as a high school graduate, know that this is only the beginning of an extraordinary journey. With the skills and knowledge that you have received, you are equipped and ready to make profound contributions to society. Use this foundation – embodied in your high school diploma – to soar to new heights and make a positive impact in our global world.

    In the pursuit of your goals and dreams, you may face challenges and roadblocks. However, it’s important for you to believe in yourself, even in moments of doubt, and never let setbacks define you. You survived a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and made it to graduation. That was not an easy feat – it required resilience, determination and unwavering focus. Your post-secondary life will require that same level of tenacity.

    Finally, take a moment to express gratitude to those who have supported you on this journey. Graduation is a monumental occasion not just for you; it’s also a time to show appreciation to your family members, educators, mentors and loved ones who have forged strong alliances to support your achievement of this remarkable milestone. Show them your appreciation, for their unwavering support has been invaluable.

    As I conclude, I want you to know that the world is overflowing with endless possibilities. You have the power to make a difference in society and bring about positive change. Believe in yourself and trust in the journey ahead. Congratulations, Class of 2023! May your future be filled with limitless optimism, extraordinary success and the realization of your most incredible dreams.

Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr.