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  • Reid Ross Classical School's Class of 2024: Embracing Diversity and Overcoming Challenges


    Khedrae McDowell, the Senior Vice-President at Reid Ross Classical School, takes great pride in her role and the accomplishments of her peers. "I am very proud to be the one to represent my senior class. Having this opportunity makes me really happy and just shows that hard work pays off," Khedrae expressed. Her enthusiasm reflects a deep commitment to her classmates, whom she believes have all worked diligently towards graduation.

    A pivotal moment for Khedrae and her class was the opening ceremony of their senior year, a significant event that marked the transition into their final year of high school. "To see everyone there finally seniors, it was really an eye-opening moment that we are really seniors and this is the end of our high school chapter and soon to be the beginning of another one," she recounted, capturing the mix of excitement and realization that dawned upon the class.

    Khedrae highlighted the support from their teachers, particularly Mrs. Russell and Ms. Wiles, who have been instrumental in guiding the seniors. "Throughout my senior year, they have been the ones pushing the seniors the most to get everything done and help us in any way that they possibly can," she noted, appreciating their efforts to motivate and assist the students in fulfilling their academic and extracurricular commitments.

    Describing her class as "diverse," Khedrae praised the varied pursuits and involvements of her classmates, from athletics and clubs to managing work alongside school. "In my opinion, I think that we have contributed to our school and community by being outstanding students and pushing against all odds," she said, emphasizing the resilience and active engagement of the class.

    Looking to the future, many of her peers plan to continue their education at higher institutions, driven by personal goals and ambitions.

    For incoming students, Khedrae's advice is heartfelt and practical: "Keep your head up, there are many times you’re going to feel like quitting and just giving up. The best thing to do is breathe and try again. Never be afraid to ask for help," she advised, encouraging students to make the most of the resources and opportunities provided by the school.

    Khedrae is confident in the preparation provided by Reid Ross Classical School and Cumberland County Schools, believing that the lessons and resources offered will prove beneficial in the long run. "I think that with all the resources that they provide, we have been prepared well, and I have no doubt that in the future, activities that we didn’t find helpful while in high school will end up saving us," she concluded optimistically.

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