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  • “Some of you may plan on becoming a teacher, becoming a soldier, becoming a mechanic, [or] becoming a medical professional. But whatever path you decide to follow, be kind to yourself as you make mistakes. When you stumble, know that no failure or setback is insurmountable. When you try new things, feel the fear or the anxiety and then go after your dreams. When you fail, take the time to be sad, but do not dwell on your mistakes. Life can be heavy if you carry it all at once. Decide what to keep and what to let go. Know that your failures do not define what you are capable of, instead see them as proof that you are trying and opportunities to learn.” ~ Rebekah Boitey, Valedictorian

    Meet Jack Britt's Standout Senior: https://bit.ly/SOS2023LoretaQuarmine 

    Graduation Photo Gallery: JBHS Media Photo Folder 

    Graduate Quick Facts:

    • The Jack Britt High School Class of 2023 has received nearly $5.1 million in scholarships so far.
    • The Jack Britt High School Class of 2023 Arts Education students have received scholarships totaling $59,400 and the student-athletes have received scholarships totalling $159,525.
    • Jonathan Frye is the recipient of the North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union Foundation “People Helping People” Scholarship for $10,000.
    • Nadiin Ali was awarded the Robert H. Short Scholarship.
    • Jonathan Herron was awarded the Career Pathways and Youth Growth Stock Trust Scholarship.
    • Rebekah Shaw was awarded the FTCC Foundation Scholarship.
    • Allyson Smith was awarded the Brian Edkins Scholarship.