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  • Jack Britt High School's Class of 2024: Building Community and Leaving Legacies


    Alexandra Zitterich, the Senior Class President at Jack Britt High School, has relished her role, especially in organizing events that enhance school spirit. "It has been a pleasure! I have enjoyed working with my advisor and the staff at my school to get spirit events or activities in place for our seniors," Alexandra remarked. One of her proudest achievements was organizing the Senior Sunrise, a meaningful event that united the senior class.

    Throughout her tenure, Alexandra has witnessed her class excel in various clubs, achieving significant success at state and national competitions. "Another big moment for many of us has been continuously going to states and nationals for our respective clubs," she shared. She noted that the supportive environment at Jack Britt High School has been crucial in enabling students to thrive in extracurricular activities. "Being involved in clubs is a huge part of being a Buccaneer, so having supportive advisors and administration that allow us to compete as far as we do is a big highlight of our high school years."

    Alexandra is also proud of the legacy her class is establishing, particularly through the creation of new clubs that help students find their communities. "We are leaving behind many clubs we created to help our students find their communities," she said, emphasizing the role these organizations play in fostering a sense of belonging and community among students.

    Looking toward the future, Alexandra shared the aspirations of her classmates as they are preparing for college. "Some common post-graduation goals I have seen within my class are seeing friends plan to go to the same college and room with each other because they have similar majors." This reflects the influence of Jack Britt's diverse career pathways, which encourage students to pursue their passions alongside peers who share similar interests.

    Her advice for incoming students is rooted in her own positive experiences, "The best advice I have...is to utilize your teacher's office hours. I saw my grades, motivation levels, and productivity levels improve a ton after going to my teachers for help when I was struggling."

    Alexandra also highlights the comprehensive support provided by Cumberland County Schools, which has enriched their educational experience, "Cumberland County has helped prepare us for the future by providing us with a plethora of electives and career pathways to choose from." These opportunities have enabled her and her classmates to gain hands-on experience in fields like engineering, healthcare, and business.

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