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  • Terry Sanford High School's Class of 2024: Celebrating Community and Educational Aspirations


    Victoria Morrison, the Senior Class President at Terry Sanford High School, has thoroughly enjoyed her role, finding it immensely fulfilling to lead and organize events for her class. "It has been nothing but a joy. I have been able to plan things..." Victoria began, her enthusiasm evident as she described her initiatives, including a memorable sunrise event on the first day of school that symbolized new beginnings and a communal spirit.

    The senior class made a significant gesture to honor their local community at the start of the school year. Victoria detailed, "Our senior class, in the beginning of the year, honored our community and the pathway they have created for us. On our first day of school, we drove around our downtown community honking our horns and cheering as we honored our community and the legacy they have provided." This act of gratitude and celebration underscored their appreciation for the foundational support their community has offered.

    Victoria described the sentiment of her class as "nostalgic," reflecting on the rich experiences and traditions that have shaped their high school journey. As seniors, they have grown to appreciate the unique moments that have defined their high school experience, cultivating a deep sense of nostalgia.

    Discussing post-graduation plans, Victoria shared her personal journey alongside the achievements of her peers, "Well for me, I am attending a private school in Pennsylvania called Cairn University where I will be majoring in elementary education and will be playing soccer there this fall." She also noted that several classmates are leveraging advanced standing at prestigious institutions like UNC Chapel Hill and Princeton, thanks to the advanced credits earned during high school.

    Victoria’s advice to younger students is poignant and grounded in personal experience: "To never give up and to stick with it, there were days where I did not want to do work or not go to school, but as I get closer to graduation I wish I had not taken those things for granted." She encourages perseverance and engagement, recognizing the fleeting nature of high school years.

    Lastly, she expressed gratitude towards Terry Sanford High School for providing opportunities that have prepared her well for the future. "Terry Sanford has given me the opportunity to take college classes and set me up for success. I have been able to take higher-level classes that I wouldn't have been able to take anywhere else. I feel prepared for my college future," Victoria concluded, appreciative of the educational opportunities that have positioned her and her classmates for success beyond high school.

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