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  • Cumberland Academy Virtual School's Class of 2024: Pioneers of Virtual Education


    Cameron Bebeau, the Senior Class President at Cumberland Academy Virtual School, has been a vital advocate and leader in the virtual learning community. Each year, Cameron became more involved, culminating in his senior year, where he represented the Student Government Association (SGA) at the district level. "Each year has seen me become exponentially more involved compared to [the] last year; this year, I spent a good part of my senior year representing SGA at the district level," Cameron shared. He notably spoke at the January Board of Education meeting, advocating for equitable technology for younger students.

    Under Cameron's leadership, the school celebrated significant achievements. "We had a student admitted to NC Governor's School, had a student participate in the LEDA Scholarship Program and earn the Gates Scholarship, had a student published in Sports Illustrated," he proudly recounted. These accomplishments highlight the diverse talents and opportunities that Cumberland Academy Virtual School has fostered both in and out of school.

    Cameron emphasized the school's pride and pioneering spirit as Cumberland County Schools' first fully virtual option. "School pride for who we are and what we've overcome is paramount," he stated. This pride is evident in how the school presents itself and its contributions to the community. The establishment of clubs and sustainable ways to integrate new students into these organizations have been key achievements during his tenure.

    Describing his class as "resilient," Cameron reflected on the diverse pathways his classmates are pursuing, from culinary arts and business management to attending two-year and four-year colleges, with some even entering the workforce directly. The wide range of interests and careers among the students showcases the comprehensive education and opportunities provided at the virtual academy.

    Cameron also highlighted the supportive environment fostered by the school's initiatives. "ICON Internships being offered is one; their partnership with local community figures has also helped in that regard. Their structuring of SGA activities and encouragement has proven major to the general morale at CCS," he explained. Programs like Superintendents' Student Voices and Academy of Scholars have not only benefited the participants but also positively impacted the broader student body.

    In his parting advice, Cameron urged future students to take charge of their educational and personal journeys. "Stay organized. Don't be afraid to reach out and get involved. Live a life that YOU want, and leave a legacy that YOU can be proud of," he advised, encapsulating the proactive and empowered spirit that Cumberland Academy Virtual School instills in its students.

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