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  • Massey Hill Classical High School's Class of 2024: A Legacy of Synergy and Passion


    Elizabeth Gross, the Senior Class President at Massey Hill Classical High School, has embraced her role with great enthusiasm. "It has been an honor to represent such a caring and creative class," Elizabeth stated. She effectively advocated for her peers, focusing on inclusivity and ensuring that everyone's needs were addressed.

    One significant achievement under her leadership was the organization of senior parking spot paintings, an activity that creatively balanced school spirit with the school's status as a historical landmark. "A defining moment was painting senior parking spots … our school being a historical landmark makes it hard to do certain activities," she explained. This allowed the class to express their spirit in a way that respected the site's historical requirements.

    Elizabeth praised the comprehensive support from Massey Hill’s staff and administration, highlighting their instrumental roles in student success. "From our librarian, who provides extensive resources for research, to our principal, who ensured inclusive participation in our senior trip, and our counselor, who regularly updates us with scholarship opportunities," she said, acknowledging their dedication to student development.

    The senior class has actively contributed to the community through various initiatives, such as fundraisers for Victory Junction and animal shelters, exemplifying their commitment to civic engagement. Elizabeth described her class as "synergetic," noting their collaborative spirit: "We are the type of people who work together to get things done and are always ready to support each other."

    Reflecting on their aspirations, Elizabeth mentioned that her classmates are driven by their passions, whether in the arts, engineering or education. "Many of us are planning careers in fields we're passionate about," she shared, appreciating the school’s role in helping students explore and pursue their interests.

    Elizabeth’s advice to younger students is to engage actively and balance ambitions with self-awareness. "Have fun and be energetic in high school, but also know your limits. It’s okay to fail, but it's important to learn from it and move forward," she advised.

    She also acknowledged Cumberland County Schools for their support, especially in preparing students for their futures through events like FAFSA nights and college fairs, which help students align their educational paths with their career goals.

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