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  • Seventy-First High School's Class of 2024: A Celebration of Vibrancy and Unity


    Heaven-Alexa Parker, the Senior Class President at Seventy-First High School, has found her tenure enjoyable. "Representing the senior class has been fun and rewarding," Heaven-Alexa shared, reflecting on her role with enthusiasm. She highlighted the unity and vibrancy of her class, which was especially evident during their last pep rally. "The moments that were most defining were the moments the senior class was together as a whole," she noted, emphasizing how these events underscored the strong community spirit.

    Heaven-Alexa also credited social media and the school's staff for playing crucial roles in connecting the class with important opportunities. "Our emails from counselors and administrators have been a big way to show and present big opportunities to us, such as internships, volunteer opportunities, scholarships, etc.," she explained, appreciating how these communications have kept her class informed and engaged.

    Volunteering is a significant part of the senior class's identity, with many students actively involved in supporting school activities and the broader community. "The senior class is big on volunteering, especially when it comes to helping the school," Heaven-Alexa remarked. From assisting with concessions at sporting events to participating in the National Honors Society's efforts during open house, the seniors have shown a strong commitment to service.

    Describing the essence of her class, Heaven-Alexa chose the word "vibrant." She elaborated, "Everyone in the senior class contributes something different to our school... It's really beautiful to see everyone doing their own thing and contributing their own individuality." This diversity in interests and talents, from sports to the arts, enhances the dynamic and colorful atmosphere of the school.

    Regarding post-graduation aspirations, she believes the common goal among her classmates is to achieve success in their chosen fields. "I think a common post-graduation goal for the senior class is to be successful as a whole, in whatever they do," she stated, confident that the high school experience has equipped them well for future challenges.

    Heaven-Alexa's advice to incoming high school students is to embrace discipline and authenticity. "Learn discipline and balance, as well as being yourself," she advised, encouraging students to stay focused on their goals while also taking the time to enjoy their high school years.

    She praised Cumberland County Schools for their efforts to prepare students for the future, particularly through initiatives like career clarity tests and the introduction of an economics and finances class. "That class has taught me so much about essential skills that I will actually need in my adult life," Heaven-Alexa shared, acknowledging the comprehensive support and resources provided by the school system.

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