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  • Westover High School's Class of 2024: A Tenacious Journey Toward the Future

    Jayla Harper, the Senior Class President at Westover High School, has enjoyed a deeply rewarding role. "I've felt like a big part of Westover since my freshman year because of my participation in our school’s Student Government," Jayla stated. She has played a significant role in organizing and participating in events that reflect the school's spirit and values. "Every activity and out-of-school event that I have either hosted or participated in has been a direct reflection of the school and what we are all about," she added, expressing pride in the positive impact these activities have had on the school community.

    The COVID-19 pandemic presented significant challenges, particularly affecting those who struggled with remote learning. However, Jayla views these challenges as pivotal growth opportunities. "That was a huge mountain to conquer, especially for those that don't do too well being out of a classroom," she explained, highlighting how overcoming this obstacle has strengthened her class.

    Jayla also emphasized the role of their Assistant Principal, Ms. Rouse, in supporting the senior class. "Ms. Rouse has been the hands behind the operation every year," Jayla noted, appreciating her efforts in keeping the seniors on track and involved in various activities.

    The senior class is known for its community service, which includes participating in local clean-up events and assisting at school sporting events. "This senior class, just like the ones before us, was required to do at least 20 community service hours," Jayla mentioned, underscoring the importance of these activities in developing a broader perspective among her peers.

    Describing her class as "tenacious," Jayla highlighted the diverse futures her classmates are pursuing, from attending college to joining the workforce. "Some common goals that I see [include] college, going into the workforce, and moving out to start life by themselves," she shared, reflecting on the transition from high school to adult responsibilities.

    For incoming high school students, Jayla offered advice based on her own experiences. "The main thing that I would share is to make friends with all your teachers... if you are on good terms with your teachers and you are putting in the work, they will meet you halfway every time," she advised, emphasizing the importance of building supportive relationships with educators.

    Lastly, Jayla praised Cumberland County Schools for providing a wide array of opportunities that prepared her and her classmates for the future. "Cumberland County Schools gave us the opportunities we needed to achieve greatness," she concluded, expressing gratitude for the educational and extracurricular resources that have enriched their high school experience.

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