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  • Pine Forest High School's Class of 2024: Dynamic and Forward-Looking

    Madison McDaniel, the Senior Class President at Pine Forest High School, describes her tenure as both exciting and insightful. "My experience representing my senior class has been very exciting and insightful," Madison shared. She has actively engaged with her peers' opinions and suggestions, particularly looking forward to the senior week, a culmination of their high school experience.

    Reflecting on significant moments, Madison highlighted last year's Junior Breakfast and the participation of some classmates as junior marshals at the previous year's graduation. These events were not only memorable but also emblematic of the class's active involvement and spirit.

    Madison acknowledged the critical support of this year’s senior advisor, Ms. Cameron, who has been instrumental in planning events that the senior class has enjoyed. "Ms. Cameron has been very helpful to the senior class by assisting with planning many events that the senior class has enjoyed and hopefully will enjoy in the future," she noted, appreciating the advisor's dedication to making their final year memorable.

    She views her class as "individualistic," noting their diverse involvement in various clubs and organizations and their willingness to voice opinions on school events. This individuality reflects a class characterized by a strong sense of identity and autonomy.

    Looking towards the future, Madison outlined the common post-graduation plans among her peers, which include pursuing higher education and entering the workforce directly. "I believe the senior class exposure to opportunities such as work-based field trips and college fairs have prepared us to achieve our goals," she explained, highlighting the practical preparation they received.

    Madison's advice to incoming high school students is to embrace all aspects of high school life. "I would advise incoming high school students to be involved all four years of high school and take advantage of opportunities that are provided for them, but most importantly, have fun!" she advised, encouraging a balance between engagement and enjoyment.

    She also credited Cumberland County Schools for preparing her and her classmates for future challenges by offering a range of organizations and clubs such as AOEMS, AOIT, DECA, and SkillsUSA. "CCS schools have prepared me as well as my classmates for the future by providing organizations and clubs that have provided exposure to many students who plan to pursue many different careers in the future," Madison concluded, acknowledging the comprehensive educational opportunities provided by the school system.

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