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  • Gray’s Creek High School's Class of 2024: A Legacy of Unity and Achievements

    Maleia Leigh, the Senior Class President at Gray's Creek High School, has profoundly influenced her class, fostering unity and engagement. "I have gained many experiences as senior class president ... from planning a senior sunrise with a customized coffee truck to attending multiple student-led events that helped me connect deeply with my class," Maleia shared. Her efforts to enhance school spirit included organizing spirited weeks that combined fun and learning.

    The resilience of her class, particularly through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, stands out. "A defining moment for our class was making it through the pandemic ... We created a sense of unity within our school by becoming a step forward in our school's community," she noted. This unity transcended typical high school cliques, fostering a culture of individuality and collective support.

    Maleia praised Gray’s Creek’s teachers for their pivotal roles in the students' lives. "All the amazing teachers at Gray’s Creek have been influential, providing valuable life lessons and a welcoming environment," she said, highlighting their contributions to making the transition into high school smooth and supportive.

    Her class's commitment to community service further exemplified their collective spirit. "We've contributed to our local community through service events, teaching us about the importance of spreading love and unity," Maleia added, describing how these activities reinforced core values among her peers.

    Describing her class in one word, Maleia chose "exceptional," reflecting their wide-ranging successes in academics, athletics and community involvement. She is optimistic about their future paths, whether in further education, the military, or entering the workforce directly.

    Maleia's advice to younger students is to embrace their high school years fully: "Make your own in high school. Step outside your comfort zone, make new friends, and mostly have fun. These years fly by, and you want to embrace what you have now rather than always looking to the future."

    She concluded by expressing gratitude to Cumberland County Schools teachers and staff for their support: "They have provided us with exceptional staff and resources, helping us build a strong foundation for our futures."

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