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  • E.E. Smith High School's Class of 2024: A Testament to Persistence and Community Impact


    Bryan Tillman, the Senior Class President at E.E. Smith High School, has experienced significant personal and leadership growth during his tenure. "My character and leadership abilities have grown significantly due to the responsibility I was given—representing my senior class," Bryan reflected. His role allowed him to gain crucial skills in communication, empathy, delegation, dispute resolution and team leadership, which he honed through various interactions and responsibilities. "There were undoubtedly challenges that I had to overcome, but my development has been strengthened by my ability to get through challenging circumstances and make the year successful," he added.

    A defining moment for Bryan and his class was the shift to virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which marked the beginning of their high school journey. "Starting our high school careers working online and attending virtual classrooms has to be one of the most significant defining milestones for our class," Bryan noted. The transition back to in-person learning required adjustments both psychologically and physically, which was a challenge he and his classmates navigated together.

    Bryan praised the supportive culture at E.E. Smith, emphasizing the strong, family-oriented community within the school. "Everyone, from academics to staff, played a crucial role in showcasing this year's accomplishments for the Class of 2024," he stated. Bryan also highlighted the commitment of the teachers and staff who "make every effort to make sure you are continuing on the right path toward your objectives," and their willingness to assist students in achieving their goals, such as helping seniors attend prom who might not have been able to afford it on their own.

    Describing his class, Bryan said, "Our senior class is definitely exceptional and one-of-a-kind." He underscored their active involvement in the community and their commitment to making a positive impact. "The majority of our senior class participates in at least one extracurricular activity, demonstrating that Smith's student population is among the most active and interested of all," he proudly shared.

    Bryan described the essence of his class in one word: "persistent." Throughout their high school careers, they have succeeded in adapting to new environments and sparking meaningful changes. He also noted their ambitions for further education, "College is the most popular desire after graduation ... I think it's great that the Class of 2024 is taking the necessary precautions to secure their futures because in the modern working market, a higher education level grants access to higher-paid jobs."

    For incoming students, Bryan offered this advice: "Get as involved and active as possible... There are plenty of chances throughout high school to mold yourself into the kind of person you want to be in the future. Put a lot of effort into your goals and treat your coursework respectfully. With this, you will create a strong basis for any career you wish to pursue after high school."

    He concluded by acknowledging the support from Cumberland County Schools, which has been instrumental in elevating the student experience. "Our senior class has been rewarded ... with the establishment of numerous programs and initiatives that keep raising the caliber of our student body," Bryan expressed gratitude for the consistent support and resources provided, which have led to a productive and successful school year.

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