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  • “This day signifies the end of your time at CPHS, but also the beginning of the rest of your life. I challenge you to take a moment to think back on your years as a student at CPHS. You began high school as a freshman in 2019 and a little over halfway through the school year, our world forever changed.  You survived and thrived during a period of uncertainty, fear, and worst of all, isolation. In the future when things get tough, look back on what you have had to overcome to stand before family and friends as a high school and college graduate. The tough situations you may encounter will more than likely be small in comparison to this period. You can and will persevere.” ~ Chad Barbour, Principal

    Meet Cumberland Polytechnic's Standout Senior: https://bit.ly/SOS2023SkyeCorley

    Graduation Photo Gallery: CPHS Media Photo Folder 

    Graduate Quick Facts:    

    • CPHS students have received $1 million in scholarships and earned 48 degrees and certificates, the most in the school’s history.

    • Jaidyn Bennett is a Super Senior, a 13th-grade student. She was awarded the North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union Foundation “People Helping People” Scholarship for $10,000! 

    • Mark Adams was awarded the Brian Edkins Scholarship.

      • Alexander Ruble

      • Alexandra Fuentes-Fernandez

    • The following seniors from CPHS participated in the NC Governors' School program during their high school years:
      • Alexander Ruble

      • Alexandra Fuentes-Fernandez

    • The following seniors from CPHS were part of the North Carolina Academic Scholars Program:

      • Mark Anthony Andrew Adams, II

      • Aurora Ruby Horning

      • Caden Michael Ketchman

      • Ciara Michelle McLaughlin

      • Tiara Nichelle McLaughlin

      • Justin Lewis Mitchell

      • Ja’Myila Shai’ Ann Morrison

      • Maluhiaonalani Mia Rivera

      • Alexander James Ruble

      • Hailey Sackewitz

      • Terra Lin Smith

      • Xavier Julian Washington

      • Dominic Adrian Williams

      • Adam Jean-Pierre Wold

      • Keilea Eun-Yi Yannotti

    • The following students from CPHS were part of CCS’ 5th Year Super Senior program:

      • Jaidyn Ayanna Bennett

      • Gerald Junior Fernando Caster

      • Ariana Rosa

      • Dominic Adrian Williams

      • Zamari Leteric Ramirez Williams

    • Caden Ketchman was accepted at Fordham University, UNC-Chapel Hill, Vassar College, Wesleyan University, Swarthmore College, Williams College and New York University. He was also awarded a $270k merit scholarship at Vanderbilt University. He will attend Columbia University in Fall 2023.
    • Terra Smith is the Secretary of the National Honor Society with a 4.272 GPA and over 50 community service hours. She was awarded a full ride to A&T University and also won the Robert H. Short Scholarship! Terra is graduating from FTCC with an Associate of Applied Science in Advertising & Graphic Design and won the FTCC graphic design competition.
    • Keilea Yannotti is the NHS President, SGA Student Body VP with a 4.2903 GPA and has over 50 hours of community service! Keilea is planning on attending NC State next year. She is graduating from FTCC with an Associate of Science Degree.  Keilea also plays softball for Gray's Creek High School.