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  • Cumberland Polytechnic's Class of 2024: A Legacy of Leadership and Community Engagement


    Meredith Wenthur, the Senior Class President at Cumberland Polytechnic High School, has embraced her role with enthusiasm and dedication. "Representing our senior class was a unique experience for me. I’ve had the privilege of being able to meet and bond with so many great people these last four years, it's an honor to have the opportunity to represent our class," Meredith shared. Her leadership involved planning engaging activities such as kickball and basketball tournaments, and organizing spirit weeks in collaboration with the Student Government Association (SGA).

    Reflecting on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Meredith noted the challenging start to her high school journey, "While freshman year was primarily online due to COVID-19, sophomore and junior year was nothing short of exhilarating." She highlighted the balance between college and high school work as a critical preparation for a four-year education. Meredith's sophomore year was particularly memorable, filled with new connections and participation in fun events like the spring and fall festivals and career fairs at Fayetteville Technical Community College.

    Meredith emphasized the supportive role of her former principal, Mr. Barbour, who has been a pivotal figure for the senior class. "Mr. Barbour was the most helpful and influential person for my senior class," she stated. His commitment extended beyond academic support, as he took a personal interest in his students' lives, including Meredith's involvement in soccer. "He always looks out for his students and wants to help them succeed," she added, appreciating his attendance at her games and his consistent encouragement.

    The senior class at Cumberland Polytechnic is described as "intentional" by Meredith, noting their active participation in community service and leadership. Activities like the spring and winter buddy program, where students interact with and support younger students at local elementary schools, are highlights of their community engagement. "Several students are active in their community through their community service," Meredith observed, also mentioning their contributions to church activities, homeless shelters and youth coaching.

    Looking ahead, Meredith outlined the diverse post-graduation paths of her classmates, from entering the military to pursuing trades and continuing education in college. "I feel like we have been provided with a great opportunity to graduate with certificates and associate degrees. This experience has allowed us to go straight into work after high school or continue onto college with two years already done," she explained.

    Offering advice to younger students, Meredith suggested, "Find friends that are going to positively influence and support your success. Also, make the memories while you can because high school is short and the memories will last a lifetime."

    Meredith also praised the district's contribution to their education, particularly the role of dedicated teachers. "I feel like the best thing Cumberland County Schools provided was the great teachers. We have had so many teachers who have supported all their students and helped them succeed," she concluded, highlighting their willingness to assist with everything from college applications to academic challenges.

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