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  • “Many of you will be going off to college, some of you will be entering the workforce, whatever you decide to do, enjoy every minute of it. Use every moment you have to be the best version of yourself and never settle for anything less. Be proud of yourself and who you have grown to be.” ~ Christian Qually, Principal

    Meet Cross Creek's Standout Senior:

    Graduation Photo Gallery: CCECHS Media Photo Folder

    Graduate Quick Facts: 

    • Aniya Damron at Cross Creek Early College is the recipient of the North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union Foundation “People Helping People” Scholarship for $10,000.
    • Mikeala Burney was awarded the Brian Edkins Scholarship.
    • Guillermo Samuel Aceves II was awarded the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Scholarship.
    • The following seniors from CCECHS participated in the NC Governors’ School program during their high school years:
      • Nathanael Heath - English 
      • Kyra Mueller - Visual Arts
    • Nathanael Heath is a Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship recipient, and he was awarded a full-ride scholarship to Amherst College.
    • Nathaniel Douglas Meshaw was awarded the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Scholarship and the Brenda C. McFadyen Scholarship Fund.