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  • Cross Creek Early College High School's Class of 2024: Bridging the Gap Between High School and College


    Talon Alexander, the Student Body President at Cross Creek Early College High School, played a pivotal role in enhancing the unique educational experience that allows students to take college classes during their high school years. "Cross Creek Early College offers a unique experience to our students by allowing them to take college classes during their high school career," Talon explained. He emphasized his responsibility in ensuring that his senior class engaged fully in school activities despite most of their time being spent in college classes.

    Talon's leadership extends beyond just his senior peers; he is committed to easing the integration of underclassmen with upperclassmen. "Having a support system filled with people that understand what you are going through is useful," he said, highlighting the importance of community and support among students at different stages of their educational journey.

    Community service is a cornerstone of the student experience at Cross Creek Early College. Talon proudly noted, "Each senior, by the time they graduate, should have close to 200 hours of community service." He shared an inspiring example of their commitment: "One of my favorite moments was from our sophomore year when my graduating class, alongside our school, helped Sustainable Sandhills clean multiple tons of trash from throughout the community."

    Acknowledging the supportive environment at Cross Creek, Talon added, "All of our faculty and staff have been super helpful and lovely throughout these last four years here at Cross Creek." He also appreciated the Class of 2023 for their guidance as his class navigated the combined challenges of high school and college life.

    Looking toward the future, Talon reflects on the readiness of his peers for higher education and beyond. "The majority of the Class of 2024 will be attending a four-year institution next fall," he states, highlighting the diverse future paths of his classmates, including careers in engineering, healthcare, law, literature, entrepreneurship, and the armed services. "Our motto at Cross Creek is 'College Begins Here,' which is shown by the fact that all of my class has taken college classes and undergone many of the experiences a first-year undergraduate student would have to face when they enter college," Talon shared.

    He offers advice to incoming students, emphasizing resilience and adaptability: "Perseverance and learning from your mistakes is key. Your first year at Cross Creek is going to be an adjustment, and you are probably going to do the worst you have ever done in classes during this time. Your ability to stick through and learn from your mistakes will ultimately determine your success in high school."
    Talon concludes by acknowledging the broader support system that has facilitated their success, "Cumberland County Schools has given the tools for education to our teachers who have used them to ensure that we are ready to navigate college and the workforce."

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