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  • "Reflecting on our high school journey, I am reminded of the beauty and resilience of flowers. We now stand here today as a group of individuals who have grown and flourished together over the past four years. Like seeds, we have been planted in the same soil, and with the guidance of our teachers, mentors, and peers, we have grown to be unique and vibrant flowers.” ~ Sandy Lin, Valedictorian

    Meet Cumberland International's Standout Senior: 

    Graduation Photo Gallery: CIECHS Photo Folder

    Graduate Quick Facts: 

    • The students at CIECHS earned 3,584 credit hours, averaging 56 credit hours per student. They also have a total of $4,232,756 in scholarship offers.
    • The following seniors from CIECHS participated in the NC Governors’ School program during their high school years:
      • Kennedy Cameron- Social Science
      • Jamyla Gary - Visual Art  
      • Atirra McIver - Visual Art
      • Janiel Mercado - Spanish 
      • Mikeala Burney - Choral Music
    • Gabrielle Hill won the State Employees Credit Union People Helping scholarship for $10,000.
    • Mikeala Burney was the only winner of the Brian Edkins Scholarship in this school.
    • Elijah Wittmeyer-Balthazar has been shadowing Professor Yuan at FSU as he engages in the following study: NSF Historically Black Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Program Multi-locus, Genome-Wide Association Study and Gene Expression Analysis of Anticancer Peptide Lunasin in soybean seeds. They focus on genetic research with soybeans searching for genes that control the production of the protein Lunasin, which has been shown to regulate cell growth and division and is being used as a cancer prevention and treatment option. 
    • Makayla Deeon Whitted was awarded the Robert H. Short Scholarship Class of 2023.