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    Mental Health and Wellness Overview


    CCS recognizes that unmet Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and mental health challenges can lead to negative academic outcomes and ineffective work environments.  Investing in the mental health of the whole child, strong families, and premier professionals promote a safe environment, the development of healthy relationships, and successful academic outcomes.


    In addition to the many services and supports that our schools offer with the help of school counselors, psychologists, social workers, and other specialists, the resources below may provide additional help to students and families to improve their health and wellness. School staff are available to assist you with connecting with these and other programs and services.


    The purpose of the Mental Health and Wellness Portal is to connect students, families, and staff to educational resources and support to improve their mental health and wellness. It’s OK 2 Ask for help and to talk about mental health. Normalizing the conversation empowers people to get the help they need. 


    We are in this together! Assistance is FREE and available 24/7.


2023 Children's Mental Health and Wellness Fair

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  • Greater student access to SEL and Mental Health ServicesReduced Out-of-School SuspensionsIncreased Student Graduation RatesImproved Academic AchievementImproved School Attendance