Family Ambassadors Program

  • Cumberland Family Academy campaign art, blue color, people connectedCumberland County Schools (CCS) is working to support parents and families by providing them with the tools they need to fully support the education of their children. Priority four of the district’s strategic plan calls for the development of a district-wide family engagement outreach program. CCS launched Cumberland Family Academy in the fall of 2020 to bring schools, families, caregivers and community organizations together as equal partners. The Communications and Community Engagement Department seeks to expand district and school-level family engagement through the CCS Family Ambassador Program.

    This new initiative will create volunteer positions for one parent or family member at each CCS school to serve as a Family Ambassador. The ambassadors will work closely with the school leadership to plan and promote family engagement activities and outreach opportunities that will benefit families throughout the district. They will also serve as liaisons between families and school officials to help other parents and caregivers become more engaged in their children’s educational success and learn about important district news and information.

    In an effort to strengthen the partnership between school staff and families, the ambassadors will meet monthly with CCS officials to learn more about what is happening in CCS and receive resources to support their family engagement outreach efforts.

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