Identification and Language Proficiency Testing

  • WIDA Screener  and WIDA Screener for Kindergarten

    • English Learner (EL) students are identified through a home language survey (HLS) process.
    • Eligibility for being assessed on the WIDA Screener(s) is based on the result of the HLS process.
    • Administered to all eligible, initially enrolled, EL students (Kindergarten through Grade 12) within thirty calendar days
    • Screener(s) determine if a student is identified as EL. If a student is identified as such, the screeners provide guidance concerning which tier/level of English language proficiency test should be administered to the student and determine eligibility for state testing accommodations.
    • All EL students must be annually assessed to determine progress and level of English language proficiency.

    ACCESS for ELLs

    • ACCESS is the state-designated annual English language proficiency test.
    • The test consists of four subtests: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
    • All students identified as EL must take ACCESS or Alternate ACCESS annually.
    • Tests are required to be administered online.
    • Results from the test are used to measure the progress and proficiency of ELs in the English language.