Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does every school have an AIG Program?
    Yes! CCS AIG offers K-12 programming across the district.

    What is offered for (Kindergarten- 2nd grade) advanced learners?
    The CCS AIG Program provides a Discovery K-2 talent development program with services at each Cumberland County elementary school. For more information about this program, click HERE. 

    Can I request AIG screening for my child?
    Yes, this form,and more information about screening can be obtained by clicking HERE.  For even more information, please contact the AIG teacher at the school. There are deadlines for submitting referrals for screening.

    When does AIG student screening begin?
    The screening process is ongoing and takes place each school year. More information about screening can be obtained by clicking HERE.

    My child was identified in another district. How do I transfer him/her into CCS?
    Please contact the AIG Teacher at the respective school for more information about transferring AIG identified students in/out of CCS.


    Who is the AIG teacher at each school? 
    Click  HERE for a list of all the AIG teachers/consultants in Cumberland County Schools.  Additionally, the AIG teacher is listed on each school's website.


    Do you have a question that is not listed? 
    Fill out this form and receive a response from our AIG Team.