Green Initiative in Schools

  • Every school in the county has a Green Team Leader and they are best served by Green Teams made of personnel from teachers to custodians who serve as members of the Go Green team.  The Go Green Initiative thrives when all members of the school take responsibility for action.   

    The best schools have made sustainability part of their school's mission. Giving the students problem-based decision-making skills and strategies to solve issues that occur as schools move toward Sustainability, empowering students.  

    Creating signage, using announcements, and modeling are all part of teaching awareness and education of our faculty and students concerning their responsibilities not just because the state and county schools' policies mandate resource conservation but also it is the morally right thing to do.  Athletics, pageants, in fact, all activities are streamlined to reduce, reuse and thoughtfully think of being more sustainable with our recycling, water conservation, energy conservation, pollution control.

Green Energy Awareness Lightbulb