2023-2024 WSES Parent/Student Handbook



    The faculty, staff, and administration of Walker-Spivey Elementary welcome you to our school family. We are proud of our school and the community that we serve and are committed to providing a quality education in a  positive atmosphere for life-long learners by fostering a safe school environment that is challenging and nurturing for all students. 


    This handbook is designed to answer questions you may have and to assist with understanding protocols at our school.  It reviews school procedures and policies that will help us provide a safe and effective learning environment for all students. We encourage you to keep this document accessible throughout the school year as a reference.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office as we partner for a successful school year. 


    We urge each parent to support our school by supporting your student through participation in our parent volunteer program, parent-teacher organization, fundraising endeavors, and all other aspects of your child's education.


    Remember “Achieving Excellence Together” at Walker-Spivey Elementary School!



    Rachael Robinson



    Parent-Student Handbook 2023-2024