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Meet Sarah Osborn

  • “Leading Up to Move Forward”

  • In the spring of 2020 when school buildings shut down, teachers got to work, reinventing education. And although their feat was incredible, it took its toll. At many schools, including Reid Ross Classical High School, morale was low; teachers were missing face-to-face interaction with their beloved students. 

    Sarah Osborn, who was a junior at the time, could see that her teachers needed a boost. She led a campaign to create a slideshow featuring an acrostic poem for each teacher that was created by members of the student body. Sarah, along with other student council leaders, "crashed" a virtual staff meeting and presented the slideshow to staff.

    According to Rangel McLaurin, school counselor, this moment was an emotional one for all. Teachers saw just how much students cared—each slide was tailored to their distinct personalities. 

    Throughout her high school years, Sarah has distinguished herself as a student leader. She has held offices in the Student Council and Future Business Leaders of America since ninth grade. Currently, she is president of the senior class. 

    An incredibly involved student, Sarah has also been a part of Speak Out, National Honor Society, Academy of Scholars, Key Club, Gospel Choir and Destiny Club, but student council stands above the rest. 

    “Student Council is my favorite extra-curricular activity because I have created forever bonds with students at Reid Ross Classical School and in my organization,” Sarah said. Student Council has opened my eyes to new ideas and so many opportunities to utilize my leadership skills.” 

    A natural-born leader, Sarah is leaving her mark at Reid Ross. Described by Mr. McLaurin as inspiring, hard-working and proactive, Sara has made an indelible impression on the school community. With her optimistic personality and drive to succeed, younger students should take notes. 

    “If I could give advice to an incoming high school student, it would be to NEVER give up, work hard because hard work does pay off,” Sarah said. “Be active and engaged in your school.” 

    The foundation provided by Cumberland County Schools has prepared Sarah to be competitive, collaborative, and successful. “Cumberland County Schools has prepared me in a significant way,” Sarah said. “I feel I am equipped to do well in my next level of education.” 

    Many teachers and staff members have been a part of Sarah’s success, but Mr. McLaurin stands out, in part because of this memorable life hack: “The lesson Mr. McLaurin has taught me that I will always remember forever is to make my today better than yesterday.” 

    Today and tomorrow look bright for Sarah Osborn. 

    Sarah was offered a remarkable $528,000 in scholarships and grants. After being accepted into 17 colleges, Sarah has decided to attend Winston-Salem State University in the fall. She plans to major in nursing and minor in music. One day, she hopes to become an obstetrics nurse.

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