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Meet D'Marco Dunn

  • “From the Wolverines to the Tar Heels”

  • In 2019, D’Marco moved with his family to Fayetteville from Tucson, AZ after his mom took a job at Fort Bragg. He started his junior year at Westover High School and quickly got noticed for his leadership on and off the court. He led the Westover Men’s Basketball team to a 30-0 winning season and a chance to play in the 2020 3A Men’s Basketball State Championship.


    Unfortunately, the championship game was never played because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Westover was named the co-champion along with the Freedom High School Patriots. Even still, D’Marco got a chance to show the state of North Carolina how well he can play, and the Tarheels took notice.


    D’Marco was selected to play in the 2021 East-West All-Star game and Carolinas All-Star game. He was also selected for the 2021 First Team All-State. In 2020 and 2021, he was named the District Player of the Year and Conference Player of the Year.


    After receiving more than 20 offers from schools across the country, D’Marco signed with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, becoming one of the only Fayetteville high school basketball players to suit up for the Tar Heels.


    In addition to his basketball abilities, D’Marco is a star in the classroom as well. He has a 3.52 GPA and according to Kristle Rouse, Westover assistant principal and athletic director, he approaches all things in a professional and mature manner.


    “D'Marco is an extremely humble and dedicated student and athlete,” said Rouse. “He always puts his best foot forward; he does not believe in taking short cuts. He is a leader on and off the court; he works to inspire other players. He has a tremendously high work ethic, especially when it comes to basketball. Overall, he is a great young man!”


    Although D’Marco was only at Westover for two years, Coach George Stackhouse has made a lasting impression on him. In fact, he considers Coach Stack to be one of his role models.


    “One lesson I remember from him (Coach Stack) is keep your eyes in front. Don't get distracted, just tackle the next problem.”


    No doubt, D’Marco will tackle a lot in the next few years. Thanks to the foundation he has received at Westover and Cumberland County Schools (CCS), he will be prepared.


    “I feel like they (CCS) have done a good job providing the necessary opportunities for me and my classmates to excel in the future, whether it be college classes or setting up events for us to experience different occupations,” D’Marco explained.


    As D’Marco moves on to Chapel Hill, his humble, down-to-earth nature and respect for everyone will serve him well.


    “I want to be remembered as a person who always faced the odds and beat them while remaining himself.”

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