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Meet Elijah Davis

  • “Overcoming the Odds”

  • At only 12 years old, Elijah Davis discovered his own strengths as he encountered a major health obstacle that he faced again as a junior in high school. His newfound strength gave him the determination to drive forward with his academics and not let his setbacks define him.


    On May 28, Elijah will join his classmates in walking across the stage as a graduate of Gray’s Creek High School. He credits his amazing team of teachers for getting him through high school, although they would all agree that Elijah excelled because of his dedication and hard work.


    “As with all students, this year has been difficult both emotionally and personally; however, Elijah strives to maintain what he has strived for even with setbacks,” said Lisa Stewart, principal at Gray’s Creek High. “He is always a pleasant young man with a smile that is infectious. You just feel better when you are around him. Elijah unconsciously inspires his fellow peers, teachers and administrators.”


    The fondness is mutual. Elijah is thankful that teachers and other staff members in Cumberland County Schools were there to lift him up—emotionally, physically and academically—when health issues got in the way.


    “I would have to say all teachers have touched my heart,” Elijah said. “I admire teachers for doing what they do, from teaching loud and rowdy kids to taking time out of their days to organize events to connect with the students and bring them joy.”


    While at Gray’s Creek, Elijah served on the debate team, an experience that helped him realize a love of public speaking. Next year, Elijah will head to Fayetteville Technical Community College for general education with a plan to transfer to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to major in dietetics. 


    “I feel like I have gained the necessary skills and lessons to make it in the world,” Elijah said. “From my outstanding teachers who taught me that I need to work hard and keep my head up to the outstanding staff who made my days in the smallest ways, I was satisfied with the small things like a wave or a hug, and with me being an affectionate person, I was always getting both.”


    For Elijah, the sky is the limit. With a positive attitude, unmatched determination and an infectious smile, he has already overcome incredible odds. One day, he hopes to help other children in similar situations. And thanks to his debate experience at Gray’s Creek, he is considering a future career in politics. Ultimately, he hopes to help reshape education in America. 

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