Massey Hill Classical High School

Meet Sedrick Brown

  • “Carolina Covenant Scholar”

  • Sedrick Brown is always willing to stand up for what’s right.

    Motivated by current events, Sedrick has a passion for advocating for others and fighting racial injustices.

    Even though Sedrick is only a senior in high school, he has found his calling. He plans to pursue a career as an advocate for African-Americans. Knowing he needed experience in this field, Sedrick took the initiative to get involved in organizations that are making a difference in society. While balancing schoolwork and extra-curricular activities, Sedrick has been a part of Youth Against Sexual Violence and the Sunrise Movement, which is a youth movement to stop climate change.

    Additionally, as a member of the Superintendent Student Voices Council, Sedrick had the opportunity to participate in a forum about issues of equity in education. His community work, coupled with his involvement in numerous student organizations, is preparing him for a life of advocacy.

    Throughout his time at Massey Hill, Sedrick has participated in Key Club, Speech and Debate, National Honor Society, Quiz Bowl, Orchestra and Band.

    “Sedrick has been an integral part of the Massey Hill student body and has certainly made his mark,” said Meredith Kelley, school counselor. “Sedrick has overcome personal hurdles in life all while maintaining impeccable academic standing.”

    Now one of the captains of the speech and debate team, Sedrick has cherished his time on the team. When he first started, his public speaking skills were lacking. But now, he is ready to face the world and advocate for others.

    “Truthfully, Speech and Debate has been the most enjoyable, because I've been able to see the team grow throughout the past four years,” Sedrick said. “I loved being part of that process. Additionally, I enjoy debate and discussing issues that matter, and it has taught me how to analyze the world through a variety of perspectives.”

    As Sedrick moves to the next phase of life, he is thankful for his time at Massey Hill and the teachers who went above and beyond to help him be successful. Brittanie McNeil, social studies teacher and Speech and Debate coach, stands out to Sedrick, notably for her “tough love.”

    “Ms. McNeil has been one of the most influential educators in my life,” Sedrick said. “Through her, I have learned how to be confident in myself and forge my own path in life.”

    Because of his hard work, perseverance and drive to succeed, Sedrick was admitted into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and qualified for the Carolina Covenant, an aid program that provides an opportunity to attend and graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill debt-free.

    Covenant covers full financial need through grants, scholarships and work-study — no loans. The program also offers academic and personal support to help students get the most out of UNC and graduate on time.

    “Cumberland County Schools has prepared me for the future in many ways, but most importantly it has taught me the meaning of family and compassion,” Sedrick said. “Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I have always felt welcomed and valued by my school, and that is something that I now feel empowered to replicate in my future endeavors.”

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