South View High School

  • Words of Inspiration from Graduation:
    “Tradition is more than just rituals and ceremonies; it is the essence of who you are, the values you uphold, and the legacy you leave behind. It’s the spirit of our school that binds us together, transcending the years and connecting past, present, and future generations.”
    - Phyllis Jackson, Principal

    “True self-appreciation means recognizing that our worth is not determined by external validation or comparison to others. It comes from within, from knowing that we are enough just as we are.”
    - Morgan Ward, Valedictorian

    “Finally, I learned to embrace the unpredictability of life. Not everything goes as planned. Detours can lead to new, perhaps better opportunities. The highs teach us to savor successes, while the lows remind us of our capacity to overcome.”
     - Liliane Weibl, Salutatorian

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    Graduating Class of 2024 at South View High School: Top Accomplishments

    As we celebrate the achievements of the Graduating Class of 2024 at South View High School, we are proud to highlight the outstanding accomplishments and future plans of our 326 graduates.

    This year, the graduates' outstanding accomplishments include: 

    • receiving over $35,000 in Cumberland Community Foundation Scholarships to various colleges and universities

    • participating in extracurricular activities such as varsity sports and student organizations

    • orchestrating school dances, spirit weeks and after-school activities

    • earning first place in the HOSA competition

    • receiving acceptances to notable universities, including UNC Chapel Hill and Western Carolina University

    • having post-graduation plans including college, workforce, military and trade schools

    • pursuing careers in medicine, graphic design, nursing and radiology at various universities and colleges

    These graduates exemplify the dedication, hard work and community spirit that South View High School strives to instill in all its students. We are confident that they will continue to achieve great things in their future endeavors.

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