2022 Standout Senior Slide JBHS Hyasen Gray

Meet Hyasen Gray

  • "Hard Work Leads to Prestigious Park Scholarship"

    Teachers at Jack Britt High School use many positive attributes to describe Hyasen Gray. She is known for being a student-athlete, artist, hard worker, volunteer and leader.

    Now, she is also known as a Park Scholar. The Park Scholarships program provides a four-year scholarship to NC State University awarded on the basis of outstanding accomplishments and potential in scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

    It’s no easy accomplishment – more than 2,200 highly qualified candidates apply for about 40 offers. In addition to a full-ride scholarship valued at $116,000 for in-state students, Park Scholars can also benefit from early course registration, opportunities for grants, special retreats, mentoring and much more.

    Throughout high school, Hyasen has put in the work to earn the title of Park Scholar. She has worked many hours for local food trucks and restaurants, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting involved at school. She is a vital member of the women’s soccer team, playing all four years. Additionally, she is in the National Honor Society, serving as president for one year. She has also been the Yearbook editor, a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and a member of the school’s cross country team.

    “Being a part of the FCA leadership team allowed me to grow in my faith and in my confidence,” Hyasen said. “Soccer and Cross Country have led me to some of the most amazing people and have also taught me a lot about myself. I have been pushed to my limits and past and I've learned the importance of stepping up but also stepping back. I have gained so many memorable experiences and learned so much from each of these activities, and I will forever be grateful to everyone who was there to experience it all with me.”

    Growing up, Hyasen and her brother were raised by a single mother who taught them the value of hard work and motivation. Not only did Hyasen earn the Park Scholarship, but she also earned the Lumbee River EMC Elias Rogers Scholarship and the 2022 USF Scholarship Award. 

    “Hyasen is many things — a go-getter, an athlete, a scholar, but her most wonderful attribute is the kindness she shows to others,” said Lori Coleman, AIG consultant. “She will be missed at Jack Britt next year.”

    Mrs. Coleman has certainly made an impression on Hyasen as well: “Mrs.Coleman has always helped me with anything and everything over these last four years. I could go to her with anything and she always treated me with patience and kindness. She taught me that the strongest of us are the kindest.”

    As Hyasen moves on to the next chapter, she hopes to be remembered for being a good friend, always willing to talk and offer advice. Although clubs and activities come with many challenges, she wouldn’t change anything about her high school experience.

    “Get involved,” Hyasen says. “You meet some of the most impactful people in your life outside of your classes. I know it can be a lot to juggle, but there are so many amazing opportunities to be found in clubs and sports, and just being involved really does change how you view high school. Make the best of this experience by doing what you find meaningful.”

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