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Meet Hope Bartlinski

  • “From Wuhan to Fayetteville: Giving Back to Her Roots”

  • Hope Bartlinski always knew she was adopted from Wuhan, China. When the COVID-19 pandemic, which originated in Wuhan, shut down schools, Hope knew she needed to do something for her hometown.


    Hope got to work. She taught herself and others how to make masks, enlisting help from her siblings and friends. She was able to produce masks, sell them locally, and ended up sending $1,000 to the Wuhan orphanage to buy needed supplies. 


    Now, Hope is graduating from Jack Britt High School. Although her junior and senior years were interrupted by the pandemic, she has made the most of her time in high school. 


    At Jack Britt, Hope is involved in Key Club, Science Olympiad, Orchestra, Tri-M, National Honor Society, Math National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Hope Mills Mayor's Youth Leadership, Peer-to-Peer Tutoring and Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics. 


    “Personally, my favorite extracurricular activity I have participated in was Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics,” said Hope. “This unique opportunity provided me with the ability to perform original research far earlier than most people would have the chance to do. This program is especially distinctive because it is provided by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, one of the only opportunities like this in the nation.”


    Always willing to help others, Hope has tutored other students across many schools within the county and even during both the school year and summer vacation. She consistently receives positive feedback and referrals from students and supervising teachers. She has a knack for helping people overcome their struggles and gain confidence in newfound skills.


    “Hope strives to do her best at all she undertakes and is willing to work hard to accomplish great things,” said Wendy Paroli, school counselor at Jack Britt. “She truly lives the philosophy, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’"


    As Hope moves into the next phase of her life, she is grateful for teachers and school leaders like Ms. Paroli who have helped her stay involved and expand her skillset.  


    “Mrs. Paroli has the selective ability to see the potential in every student and always aims to push us to become our best selves,” said Hope. “This attitude is what truly makes her an ideal guidance counselor. She goes out of her way to inform me of new academic opportunities in which I might take an interest. She has genuinely shown me how impactful educators are in shaping the futures of young minds.”  


    Thanks to her time at Jack Britt and Cumberland County Schools, Hope is prepared to face any challenge during college and her career, as she is building upon a strong foundation. 


    “The diversity of Cumberland County not only allowed me to gain experiences working together with people of various backgrounds, but also the opportunity to interact with excellent educators who were committed to challenging me with unique and rigorous academic opportunities,” Hope said.


    In the fall, Hope will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and will study biology or biochemistry. She plans to go into pharmacy. 

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