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Meet Britney Watson

  • “Investing in her Interests”

  • Like many high school students, Britney Watson was constantly filling up her calendar with sports, extracurricular activities, social events, community commitments and much more. Although fulfilling, it was exhausting at times. Britney was constantly striving to keep up with it all.


    Enter March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools, stores and activities. Across the country, it was a sad, scary and stressful time. Yet, people like Britney found solace in staying home and slowing down. It’s a lesson she will carry with her throughout college and her life, a lesson she is glad to have learned now.


    Like many seniors, Britney would love to be able to pursue every opportunity, but over the year and throughout the pandemic she has learned to balance what she needs versus what she wants. She believes that the pandemic played a great deal in this pursuit, forcing her to have to slow down and really reflect on her priorities and desires.  


    She calls it “investing in your interests.”


    “Throughout your high school experience, it is so important to invest in your interests because it will affect your mental health and happiness so much,” said Britney. “If you take something you love, something you’re interested in and work on it, it will pay off in the end. Someone will recognize that in you; it will take you somewhere. So not only does it affect your happiness, but it can affect your success.”


    For Britney, theater is an interest worth investing in. Through the theater program at Pine Forest High School, she has acted, directed and served as stage manager. It has taught her so much about organization, leadership, dedication and much more. Most importantly, she enjoys it.


    During the pandemic, Britney also started a girls running club where she coaches and encourages other girls. Running is another important interest of hers; she has ran cross country and track at Pine Forest. She has also been involved in National Honor Society, the P.R.I.D.E. P.A.C.T. Leadership Academy for Girls and the Delta GEMS.


    “Britney has a very warm and joyful personality that allows her to exude excellence, confidence, and poise in all that she does both in and out of the classroom, which leads me to believe that she will go far and do very well in her future as she is already doing well now,” said Brittany Raines, Pine Forest school counselor. “Britney is a joy to be around and her smile is infectious. She truly possesses the confidence that I wish more young ladies had.”


    Next year, Britney will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has received multiple scholarships, including Miss Jabberwock, Fort Bragg Delta Scholarship, Order of AEPHA Scholarship and the FCCMC Scholarship.


    As Britney heads off for college, she is grateful for various opportunities within Cumberland County Schools, some of which helped her realize what she doesn’t want to be when she grows up. For instance, after being a part of the Academy of Health Sciences, Britney was confident that the medical field was not for her.


    Instead, Britney plans to major in political science and wants to one day become an urban planner, focusing on community development.


    “Cumberland County schools offers such a diverse array of opportunities that allowed me to build my character as well as discover myself and what I want to do with my future,” said Britney. “Programs Such as the CTE concentrations as well as the leadership academy both played a major role in shaping my goals for the future.”

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