Do You Want to Join our Opportunity Culture Team?

  • Are you a great teacher who’s ready to take the next step in your career—without leaving the students you love?


    Do you like to set ambitious goals for yourself and your students? 


    Do you enjoy supporting your colleagues to become more effective teachers? Are you looking for ways to help others succeed professionally?


    In an Opportunity Culture, you can share your excellent teaching and build relationships with many more students, and lead and support other teachers. You’ll do that with more support for your own leadership, and more school-day time for planning and collaboration—for significantly more pay, sustainably funded.


    Do you want to reach more students with your great teaching, with the strong support and collaboration of an enthusiastic teaching team and leader?


    This is your chance to help even more students challenge themselves and succeed, for more pay, with powerful, proven support and more in-school time for planning and collaboration. Join us in creating an Opportunity Culture for teachers and students.


    Beginning in fall 2021, 12 schools in CCS will launch their Opportunity Culture plans. The Opportunity Culture application pool is open. The district will screen applicants for acceptance into the Opportunity Culture pool, from which schools can select applicants who best fit their opening. We are looking for excellent teachers with a track record of high-growth student learning, and outstanding paraprofessionals looking to take on more instructional duties. The application process will be a district pool process that includes a variety of components, including but not limited to teacher evaluation data, student data, resume, and supervisor recommendations. Review the criteria before applying. 


    For more information, view the following job descriptions:


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