• Plan B & Plan A Requirements
    NOTE: As of Oct 22, 2020 – Subject to change based on updated guidance and requirements.

    • No more than one passenger per seat;
      • Exception for same household
      • Strongly recommended for Plan A (K-5)
      • Request 2 per seat for K-5 under Plan A
    • No more than two students may be seated in a non-bus vehicle unless all students in the vehicle are members of the same household.
    • Face coverings are required for all students and staff
    • Buses will be sanitized after each run (AM & PM).
    • Symptom screening – parent/guardian attestation
    • Hand sanitizer is available for all students.

    Bus Routing/Planning

    • Restricted Bus Capacity Limits – 1 per seat
      • Decrease of 66% for ES, 60% for MS, 50% for HS
    • Multiple Versions of Routing Databases
      • Bus routing will entail creating and maintaining multiple databases unique to A/B cohorts
      • Mirroring A & B’s routing to preserve a level of uniformity, although variance between stop order, stop times and possible campus assignments/pairings will need to be expected. (Rural A/B Cohorts may vary more than urban cohorts)
    • Student Assignment/Ongoing Route Adjustments
      • Bus riders additions, address changes, new enrollments and other alterations will be “frozen” at the start of November.
      • Analyze driver daily headcount for each cohort and remove “no shows” to create space for pending riders.
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