Relocating to or From Cumberland County

  • Each time military families move, their students encounter different curriculum or standards, different ways of measuring progress, different reports to learn to read, and even different definitions of highly-qualified teachers. The Common Core Standards will alleviate this disparity, but regardless, these tips will make it easier to transfer schools.

    Quick Checklist for School/ Military Moves

    From the Parent/Guardian:

    • Student’s birth certificate
    • Student’s Social Security number
    • Student’s health record: immunization, etc
    • Proof of residency/ military orders

    School Information:

    • Address, phone, numbers, other contact information
    • Course Description book/Grading scale
    • Copy/photograph the cover and title page of each textbook
    • School profile/handbook
    • School’s web page URL

    School Records:

    • COPY of transcript
    • Report cards
    • Withdrawal grades or progress reports
    • Test scores (Standardized or special programs testing, etc)
    • Special Programs Records as Appropriate
    • Individual Education Plan, IEP/ Individual Accommodation Plan (504)/ Gifted Program Description
    • ELL English Language Learner or Bilingual education
    • At-Risk or other action plans for classroom modifications

    Other Documents and Examples:

    • Writing samples or other work samples
    • Activities records (co/extracurricular)
    • Other work or performance examples
    • Community service or service-learning
    • Academic Recognition and competition participation

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Relocating to or From Cumberland County

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