What is a Go Green Certified School?

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    All of our schools are required to follow county policy on Resource Conservation (6530 and 6530 R).  This includes the following areas; Solid Waste refusing, reusing, repurposing, and recycling, as well as energy and water conservation. Schools are also invited to implement the Go Green Initiative Certified Green School program by teaching school-wide personal responsibility and environmental stewardship of the earth, realizing cost savings from water and energy conservation, and refusing, reducing, reusing, and recycling solid waste.

    There are approximately 72 schools (out of 83) in the process of recertifying or are Go Green Certified.  We began certifying schools beginning in 2011. Cumberland County Schools Operations personnel developed The Go Green Initiative due to federal energy monies beginning in 2008. Our program is organized around the five principles, which are:

    1. Awareness and Education

    2. Energy Conservation and Efficiency

    3. Water Conservation and Efficiency

    4. Pollution Prevention

    5. Waste Reduction and Recycling

    A Go Green Certified School has taken the path of becoming a sustainable model for our community. These schools go beyond just following county policies and state regulations. They incorporate sustainable principles in every part of their school community, from athletics to classrooms. For more information, please contact the Go Green Initiative office. This program is an adaptation of the Green Certified Business certification managed by our partner Sustainable Sandhills. When a school has satisfied the requirements, it is recognized county-wide and awarded as a Certified Green School by the Sustainable Sandhills Board of Directors and has all the bragging rights that come with it! Each Green Certified School has further incentives if that school keeps its electrical usage lower than the year before. From those school's one at each level is chosen as the Go Green School of the Year. Awarded through Sustainable Sandhills. 

    Our early college academies (3) found on the following UNCFS and FTCC campuses are responsible for following the green policies and sustainability procedures of those institutions. 

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