Special Population: Pre-K/EC-PreK/EC

  • Supporting Pre-K/EC-PreK/EC Separate Return

    ★ Personnel (approximately 600)
    ★ Enhanced PPE
    ★ Mask Restrictions
    ★ EC Drivers/Monitors and Student Transportation
    ★ Site Preparation
    ★ Paraprofessional Training with a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)
    ★ Cleaning Protocol
    ★ Virtual Students
    ★ Daily Instruction

    Exceptional Children

    Section 504

    Virtual Instruction:

    • All accommodations in the 504 Plan can not be implemented.
    • An Amendment to the 504 Plan will be created for each student.
    • Amendments are temporary and do not replace the Section 504 Plan.

    When School Reopens:

    • Amendments will cease.
    • The originally written 504 Plan will be implemented.
    • 504 Teams will meet to update the 504 Plan as needed.


    • In-Person Instruction
      • Normal capacity of 16-18 students
    • Capacity
      • Parent’s decision to have their child attend or not attend
    • Remote Instruction
      • Delivered by the teacher and/or teacher assistant (Synchronize with live classroom activities.)
    • Social Distancing
      • Cohort placement
      • Outdoor play and in other areas outside of classroom
      • Outdoor activities-free choice-free play
    • Masks
      • Required except during napping
    • Child/Teacher Ratio
      • Classroom and playground at all times
    • Reporting Requirements
      • Report to NC Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) all cases of suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the classroom, home, other contacts.
      • Applicable for all 29 NCPK classrooms
    • Transportation
      • Available to PreK students within their attendance area
Special Population: AIG, ESL, EC and Pre-K