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  • Foreign Exchange Students (J-1 Visa)

    All exchange programs operating in Cumberland County Schools must have prior approval from the Student Assignment Office in order to place students.

    • Programs must comply with rules of the Exchange Visitors Program Branch, “Criteria for Teenage Exchange Visitor Program”
    • Local programs are responsible for students having correct J Visa.
    • Transcripts must be furnished (in English) and the principal will be responsible for equating units for student after consultation with representative.

    Acceptance of Students

    • Students will be accepted only in grades 9-12. Students who have graduated from a school in their home country will not be accepted.
    • Students must not have reached the age of 19 by September 1 of the enrollment year.
    • Students must have acceptable academic achievement in their native country and must be screened for maturity and the ability to get the maximum benefit from an exchange program.
    • Students must have adequate English to function in a regular classroom. (ESL assistance is not available to Foreign Exchange Students).

    Host Families

    • Host families must be recruited by the representative. CCS personnel should not get involved in the home placement.
    • The program representative must receive approval from the Superintendent (or his designee) to recruit within a particular school attendance area. Students will be assigned throughout the high school districts. No more than three (3) students per high school will be permitted.
    • Host families should furnish a notarized statement assuming supervision and support with reference to school and school activities.
    • Strong consideration should be given to families who have children of high school age.
    • Students must be accepted three weeks before the first day of school.


    • Foreign Exchange students will be subject to all rules and regulations governing all students in Cumberland County Schools
    • Diplomas may be awarded to Foreign Exchange Students (FEX) students if they qualify equally to NC students. FEX students will not participate in graduation exercises unless they are receiving a diploma.
    • The program representative is responsible for informing FEX students of any agreements with the program and all rules and regulations.
    • Foreign Exchange Students are not eligible for FREE or REDUCED lunches.
    • The following information should be presented when the student is presented for acceptance:

    Insurance (medical and accidental coverage)
    Permission to participate in athletics
    Physical examination form including shot record
    Notarized statement regarding the responsibility of the host parents for supervision and support of all school activities.
    A profile of the student and his/her family.
    A copy of the host family application and host family profile.


    • Students should be provided with an orientation to school life
    • Program representative and host family should meet with staff at school to review policies and regulations of the school system.

    Checklist For Foreign Exchange Program
    (Items to be turned into the Student Assignment Office)

    • Biographical information on exchange student.
    • Biographical information on the host family.
    • Documentation on insurance coverage (medical & accidental)
    • Written permission from natural parent granting permission to participate in sports.
    • Results of recent physical examination and complete immunization record consistent with North Carolina state requirements.
    • Notarized statement from host parent regarding responsibility for supervision and support of all school activities.
    • Transcript (in English) of acceptable academic achievement.
    • Documentation of eligibility for enrollment in grades 9-12 and no more than 19 years of age. Students who have graduated from high school in their home country are not accepted.
    • Written permission (if participating) of parent and sponsoring agency to participate in driver education.
    • North Carolina Health Assessment