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  • 2022-2023 Employee/Student Assignment

    This assignment request form is for Cumberland County School Employees only. Cumberland County Schools Employees may use this form to request that their child or children be assigned to a school that is located within the school district that they work in. CCS Employees must submit a completed Employee/Student Assignment application for each child to the Student Assignment Office by June 13, 2022 or within two weeks of employment after June 13, 2022.

    An Application for Voluntary Transfer must be submitted to request a transfer if the Employee/Student Assignment form is submitted after the June 13th deadline or beyond two weeks of employment.


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  • Affidavit for Residency

    Current proof of residency to attend any public school in the Cumberland County Schools system is required. This Affidavit of Residency form is a sworn statement that a person or family resides at an address in Cumberland County, North Carolina. The affidavit is completed by the landlord or the person whose name appears on the lease, mortgage, and/or utilities at that address. This form should also be notarized by a Notary and subsequently submitted to the data manager of the school in which the student/students are attempting to enroll.”

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    The 2022-2023 Voluntary Transfer form is a formal request to transfer a CCS student from their home district school to a different school district within the CCS system. The parent or legal guardian must provide a specific reason for the transfer request. If the request is approved, the parent or legal guardian must provide timely transportation to and from the school.  This transfer is good for the current school year only if approved. No subsequent transfers will be granted if approved. If your child is in grades 6 through 12, they will not be eligible for athletic participation for 365 days from the first approved transfer date. Voluntary Transfers cannot be used to transfer into the Choice Programs such as Classical schools or Early College schools. 

    Once you submit the 2022-2023 Voluntary Transfer form, please allow at least 10 business days for processing. You will be notified by email when a decision is made.

    The 2022-2023 Voluntary Transfer applications will be accepted beginning April 25, 2022, through May 31, 2022.  All applications must be submitted by May 31, 2022, to be considered for approval.


    Very Important. Please Read:   Voluntary Transfer Applications received after May 31, 2022, will be processed upon conclusion of the CCS Year End Transition Process which will end on June 30, 2022. 


    Responses to transfer requests will be sent via email to the address indicated on the application.  Thank you for your interest in Cumberland County Schools.




    Please complete and return this form ONLY if you are assigned a year-round school that is serving your address and you want your child assigned to the traditional school that is also serving your address.  This form is only valid for the 2022-2023 school year.  

    Your child will be assigned to the year-round school serving your address for the 2022-2023 school year unless you submit this form.



    Note: If you wish for your child to remain at the assigned year-round school, the assignment is for the full academic year. Students can change their assignments during the school year only if they move out of the current attendance area.


    The Cumberland County Schools Student Release form grants permission for release from the Cumberland County School system to attend another North Carolina public school system. Once this form is submitted to the Student Assignment Office, it will be placed on the CCS Board of Education Agenda to be reviewed by the CCS Board of Education. A notification letter will be sent to you and the NC public school system for which the release is requested.

    This form must be completed and submitted for review annually if you wish for your child to continue enrollment/attendance in another NC public school system while residing in Cumberland County.





    In order to withdraw your child or children from a Choice Program school, you must complete and submit this form to the Student Assignment Office for processing. There is an automatic approval and your student will be reassigned to the school assigned to your current residence for the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year.

    This application does not apply to students transferring out-of-county, out-of-state, or out of the public school system.

    There must be one application completed and submitted per child per request.

    The Choice Exit Request form will be available from January 9, 2023, until May 31, 2023.

    The deadline for submission of the Choice Exit Request form is May 31, 2023. Submissions after the deadline will NOT be accepted or processed. No exceptions.


    2023-2024 Choice Exit Request Form