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  • In accordance with General Statute 20-88.1, Driver Education is to be offered at the public high schools of this state for all physically and mentally qualified persons who:

    A birthdate cut off for each session will be posted before registration. Due to COVID-19, we are trying to get the older students enrolled first. 


    Are older than 14 years and six months of age.

    Are approved by the principal of the school.

    Are enrolled in a public school, private school or home school within the county, and have not previously enrolled in the program.
    Note: Cumberland County Schools will no longer allow a student to enroll in a Driver Education course if the student has previously attended more than 4 hours of the classroom phase and dropped out or failed the course.

    By North Carolina Law, students who are 18 years old or older are not required to take Driver Education.  They may apply for a learner’s permit or license at any NC DMV office. However, they may register for the 30 hours of classroom instruction, and must secure an NC Learner’s Permit before they are scheduled for the 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.