Student Accident Insurance

  • Voluntary Membership in a group accident insurance program is made available to students each school year. Participation in the plan is voluntary and made available through school publications annually and parents are urged to purchase it for their children.

    If you don’t already have accident insurance for your child, Cumberland County Schools has contracted with AG Administrators and AJ Gallagher to offer coverage, which you may purchase utilizing this enrollment form in the: Cumberland County Schools K-12 Voluntary Student Insurance 2024-2025 Brochure

    • Voluntary student accident insurance is “primary” insurance, meaning it pays even if you have other medical insurance.
    • While you may purchase coverage anytime during the year, the cost will be the same.
    • Cumberland County Schools provides limited secondary accident insurance coverage for high and middle school athletes.  Primary coverage for your child is still recommended.
    • Cumberland County Schools general liability insurance excludes student medical expenses unless it can be shown that the school system or district acted negligently.
    • Voluntary Student Accident Insurance is recommended by the school board policy.

    For questions about Cumberland County Schools' voluntary insurance coverage, call the service broker, Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk, at 1-877-345-8928.

    For more information, see Policy Code: 4220 Student Insurance Program.

    Regulation Code: 4220-R Student Insurance 

    Cumberland County Board of Education is committed to providing a safe and orderly environment. However, unavoidable injuries can occur. To help offset the cost of these unforeseen circumstances accident insurance coverage is available to students through Markel and AJ Gallagher at the following rates:

    School Time Only Coverage

    This plan provides coverage to your child while he or she is on school premises, during school hours/days, attending school-sponsored and supervised activities including travel directly without interruption between the student’s residence and school/activity with transportation furnished by the school. Coverage is provided from the effective date of the insured student’s coverage for which premium has been received by A‐G to the end of the regular school term.

    Excludes all interscholastic sports. ($22.50)

    Round the Clock Coverage

    This plan provides around-the-clock coverage to your child 24‐hours a day, while he or she is in school, at home or away. Coverage is provided from the effective date of the insured student’s coverage for which premium has been received by A‐G to the opening of the next school term.

    Excludes all interscholastic sports. ($90.00)

    Athletic Coverage (Provided by Cumberland County Schools through US Fire and AG Administrators)

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