School Board Approves Local 2020-2021 Re-Entry Plans

  • Fayetteville, NC – As the COVID-19 pandemic looms and the start of a new school year approaches on August 17, once again, Cumberland County Schools (CCS) is giving parents the chance to decide how their child will be educated during the 2020-2021 school year based on what’s best for their family.

    On July 9, the Cumberland County Board of Education approved three options for the opening of schools:

    Plan A - Traditional Face-to-Face Learning with Minimal Social Distancing;
    Plan B - Blended-Remote and Face-to-Face Learning; and

    Plan C - Total Remote Learning.

    CCS understands that next week Gov. Roy Cooper will share official guidance for reopening schools. Based on his announcement, the district's proposed plans are subject to change.

    If Gov. Cooper selects Plan B, it will require parents to choose one of the following three learning experiences within the Plan that best suits their child:

    Option 1 – The Blended In-Person Learning Experience;
    Option 2 – The Remote Learning Full-Time Experience at Current School; or

    Option 3 - Cumberland Academy (K-12 Virtual School)

    The district will launch a School Re-Entry Portal and parents will be able to select an option during the Re-Entry Enrollment Period, which is July 13-19. The option selection remains in place for at a minimum, a semester. The enrollment link, along with additional information, will be accessible to families on Monday, July 13.

    Option 1 – The Blended In-Person Learning ExperienceThe Blended In-Person Learning Experience is an approach to education that combines face-to-face instruction with at-home online learning on a rotational basis. To ensure that students get maximum learning outcomes in the blended in-person experience, they will be assigned to groups and given a schedule that will outline when the face-to-face instruction with their teacher will take place. While in session, the teacher will give students rigorous in-classroom instruction and provide them with engaging online assignments for their remote-learning portion of the experience.
    Learn more about the Blended In-Person Option

    Option 2 – The Remote Learning Full-Time Experience at Current School
    Through the Remote Learning Full-Time Experience for the 2020-2021 school year, parents will have the option to ‘opt into’ remote learning full-time at their child’s currently assigned school. Students and teachers will completely interact online from their home setting, engaging and participating in a fully functioning online classroom experience. The teachers will be trained specifically to provide a high-quality learning experience that is personalized and may highlight small groups, teacher support and social and emotional learning in order to ensure the student’s well-being. When the pandemic subsides and schools resume full time, these school-based remote learning classrooms will dissolve and student learning will transition into a face-to-face format.
    Learn more about Remote Learning Full-Time Experience at Current School Option

    Option 3 – Cumberland Academy (K-12 Virtual School)
    Cumberland Academy will serve as a separate fully virtual school within the Cumberland County School district for the 2020-2021 school year. The fully functioning school is designed to provide kindergarten through 12th- grade students and their families with an alternative learning option using online, interactive course content. Students will take the same curricular courses as the district’s traditional schools. Participation in scheduled teacher-led courses will be given to guide students and provide individualized instruction that happens online, with or without real-time interaction. The learning environment will be flexible which will allow students to be self-paced with the support of online teachers. Because the Academy is an accredited school, students will have the opportunity to graduate and receive a diploma.
    Learn more about the Cumberland Academy Option

    COVID-19 DISCLAIMER: All Cumberland County Schools district-level and school-based communications or guidance, e.g.,handbooks, websites, social media communications, etc., are subject to change at any time due to changing COVID-19 conditions and related health or safety guidance.