SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test

  • Cumberland County Schools prepares its students to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) as a means to measure their academic preparedness for post-secondary studies.  Most colleges use the SAT as part of their admission process.  The SAT measures a student’s academic skills that have been developed over a period of time, not just during their high school years.

    The SAT now is a three-part assessment, consisting of mathematics, critical reading, and writing.  The mathematics section gives the student an opportunity to show their understanding of mathematical concepts through multiple choice and student-produced response questions.  The critical reading section of the SAT measures student comprehension.  The writing section gives the student the opportunity to present and support a point of view on a specific issue.  While the essay isn’t expected to be a finished product, it should present the student’s thoughts in a clear and concise manner in a first-draft format.

    Schools use a variety of strategies to help their students prepare for the SAT.  Check with your child’s school concerning the strategies they employ.

    A very useful Website for more information on SAT Prep is the College Board Website at

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