Pathway Articulation for Credits Earned (PACE)

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  •   PACE

    Are you looking for a way to pick up your pace toward your college and career goals? Career Pathways can help! As you complete CTE coursework in high school, you could be exempted from having to repeat the same coursework in college through Pathway Articulation for Credit Earned or PACE!

    PACE is a systematic, seamless student transition process from secondary to post-secondary education that maximizes the use of resources and minimizes duplication.

    Eligible students will transition identified high school Career and Technical Education courses to the community college for college credit.   Pick up your pace by doing the following:

    1. Earn a final grade of or higher in the high school Career and Technical Education course
    2. Earn a scaled score of 88 or higher on the standardized Career and Technical Education post-assessment or earn the industry-recognized credential aligned with the CTE course
    3. Enroll at the community college within two years of high school graduation

    Please click on the link to see the list of courses approved for PACE: 2020 Official PACE Poster