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  • In accordance with Policy 3101, in its effort to provide a rigorous expanded curriculum that will adequately prepare students for future educational and workplace endeavors, the Cumberland County Schools Board of Education will support high school students’ participation in the North Carolina Career and College Promise. Principals shall award dual credit according to NC State Board Policy and the NC College and Career Promise Guidelines. Note: Not all college credits are calculated or weighted into the high school academic grade point average. This opportunity highlights advanced learning in post-secondary programs.

    North Carolina’s Career and College Promise program provides seamless dual enrollment educational opportunities for eligible high school students to accelerate completion of college certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees that lead to college transfer or provide entry-level job skills.  There are two pathways in which an eligible high school student can enroll:                                                                                                    

    1.   College Transfer Pathways                                                       

    2.   Career and Technical Education Pathways      

    College Transfer Pathways

    The College Transfer Pathways are designed for eligible students who wish to begin earning tuition free college credit towards a baccalaureate degree.  FTCC offers multiple college transfer pathways for students who wish to begin studies in Arts, Fine Arts, Sciences, Engineering, and Teacher Preparation. Students may be enrolled in ONE College Transfer Pathway. For more information about these pathways, visit:

    Career and Technical Education Pathways

    Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways are programs of study to provide expanded opportunities for eligible high school students to participate in Career and Technical Education tuition free courses and to expose students to a variety of high-skill career options. CTE Pathways lead to certificates aligned with one of the 16 National Career Clusters also recognized in Cumberland County Schools. For more information about these pathways, visit:

    General Policies, Eligibility Guidelines, and Application Process

    1.      The pathway selected must be aligned with the student’s course of study.

    2.      Students must meet all pathway eligibility criteria for the selected pathway as well as continued eligibility to continue program participation.

    3.      Students must register through their high school with all applicable school level approvals.

    4.      The student should be enrolled for at least 50% of the instructional day and progressing toward graduation at the high school. Additional criteria may apply to student athletes for North Carolina High School Athletic Association participation rules.

    5.      Tuition is free. The student is responsible for textbook and supply costs. Supply costs may include the costs associated with a required uniform, tools, kits, and other equipment. Parents and students are strongly encouraged to review textbook and supply costs prior to enrolling in programs.

    6.      Many classes are composed of high school students and follow the Cumberland County Schools calendar, inclement weather and bus schedules. 

    7.      Other classes are available and follow the FTCC calendar and do not observe the CCS calendar, inclement weather or bus schedules.

    8.      Classes are offered on FTCC’s campus (es), online, and at select high schools. Transportation shuttle services may be offered by CCS from many of the high schools from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

    9.      Students will use Blackboard as the Learning Management System at FTCC along with a separate FTCC email address and other required technology.

    10. Students who successfully complete a Career & Technical Education certificate program with a minimum 2.0 FTCC GPA will be eligible to participate in the FTCC spring commencement ceremony.

    11. College courses are reflected on the high school transcript. Per state board policy, 1-2 college semester hours=0 high school credit; 3-4 college semester hours=1 high school credit; 5-8 college semester hours=2 high school credits; 9 or more college semester hours=3 high school credits. College courses recognized on the NC Universal General Education Transfer Component Agreement may have additional weighted value on the high school transcript.

    12. The FTCC High School Connections Office is located in the Tony Rand Student Center at the Fayetteville Campus. Call 910-678-8583 or email FTCC course descriptions may be found by visiting: 

    Other Information: