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    Taneka Williams
    Career Pathways Coordinator

  • Selecting a career should not be solely based on a title, how good a career sounds, or even how much money can be earned.  Career selection is a process that requires guidance so that students can choose careers that best suit their personality, skills, and long-term goals while also providing a competitive earning potential with in-demand positions that will span over the student’s lifetime.


    A Career and Technical Education Facilitator along with your high school guidance counselor can get you started on the right career pathway.  CTE Facilitators are career development coordinators who can provide you with career resources and finding your career pathway.  See your CTE Facilitator for details:


    • Alger B. Wilkins High School—Nore Brantley
    • Cape Fear High School—Sara Bandurraga 
    • Douglas Byrd High School—Daina Grantham, Jennie "R." Elliott
    • E.E. Smith High School—Kety Clark
    • Gray’s Creek High School— Brenda Autry, Flora Elliott, Marilyn Jackson
    • Jack Britt High School—Nattlie McArthur
    • Pine Forest High School—Brigitte Anderson
    • Ramsey Street High School—Charlotte Brooks
    • Reid Ross Classical High School—Kety Clark
    • Seventy-First High School—Tonia Emanuel
    • South View High School—Helen Scott
    • Terry Sanford High School—Brenda Haynes
    • Westover High School —Sheila Hannibal